Eddie is our Mascot...

...and a constant, live-in reminder of why what we do matters, and the difference it makes in quality of life.


Eddie is a 12-year-old Rescue Boxer. 

Eddie is 12 in dog years, which makes him about 84 in people years. He has arthritis in his spine, some joint problems, numbness in his extremities, and a bad heart. 


We want Eddie to be as comfortable as possible in his home, for as long as possible, so we modified our home to suit his needs.

We took the feet off the couch so he can still get up there by himself. We have two orthopedic dog beds strategically placed around the house. We took all the beds in the house off their frames so he can climb into them and sleep whenever he wants. We put yoga mats all over the floors so he doesn't slip and slide.


Eddie is Aging at Home, Independently.

The changes we've made to accommodate Eddie have helped him maintain his lifestyle and keep his independence to a large degree. (Yes, he even has special shoes in this photo.)