Invest in Your Independence.

Making changes to your home can allow you to maintain your lifestyle for longer. You can avoid paying for nursing home or assisted living facilities in the future, knowing you'll be able to stay in your own home for many years to come, safely and securely.

Staying in Your Home as You Age Makes Cents

The cost of assisted living or nursing homes are about 5 times greater than in-home care, according to a 2007 National Institute of Health study. The NIH found that the cost of of long-term care while living in your own home averaged $928 a month, compared with $5,234 a month in an assisted living facility or nursing home. And costs continue to rise -- almost 4% in 2012, and climbing.

Choosing to invest money in your home now will save you money and inconvenience, and allow you to keep your independence for longer. Even if you never require in-home care, you'll be able to enjoy your home and your way of life comfortably for as long as possible. 


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